Workshop: GraphQL & Apollo

Learn how to build apps with React, GraphQL and Apollo.

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 7 April 2018, Bangalore


React helps us in building declarative components and composing them to build apps. Libraries like redux solved the state management problem, but handling network requests is still tricky. We often need imperative logic to initiate network requests, update server response in local store, handle network errors etc. This could be complex and repetitive. GraphQL and Apollo solves this problem by enabling us to handle network requests in declarative fashion. They allows us to specify the data requirements of components declaratively and apollo takes care of fetching the data and passing it to components. Also, apollo makes it easy to implement complex features like pagination, caching. Apollo can also help us in managing local state without having to use a state management library. Also, GraphQL provides performance benefits by letting us fetch only the data required by clients and batch network requests.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build apps with React, GraphQL and Apollo. Various concepts of GraphQL and Apollo will be covered while building a simple e-commerce app


  • What is GraphQL

  • GraphQL queries and type system.

  • Building GraphQL schema

  • Building GraphQL Server

  • Apollo setup in react projects

  • Querying data with Apollo

  • GraphQL Mutations with Apollo

  • Local state management with Apollo


Bring your laptop with Laptop with nodejs installed


Kiran Abburi

Freelance react developer. Blockchain enthusiast.





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