India's community of React.js and React Native developers

ReactFoo Hyderabad

17 March 2018, Venue TBA, Hyderabad

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A conference on React, alternatives to React, React Native and front-end engineering.

Past Events

React beginners workshop

9 September 2017, HasGeek, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

This workshop starts with understanding the basic internals of React before exploring how to “think in React”, best practices and solutions to real problems that you will experience while building an application.

ReactFoo 2017

14 Sept 2017, Bangalore

A conference on React.js and React Native

React Native Beginners workshop

29 Oct 2017, 9:00AM to 1:15PM, ThoughtFactory, Bangalore

Learn how to build native iOS and android app using React Native such that it can easily be extended to any platform such as Windows Phone, Web, Desktop, Electron and even VR*.

ReactFoo Pune

19-20 January 2018, Pune

A conference on the lessons learned while implementing React and React Native.

React Native Workshop

9:00AM to 1:15PM, 20 January 2018, Pune

Learn React Native by building a crypto currencies app